MK3 Interior
The new Ford Galaxy uses its increased exterior dimensions ingeniously to provide enough space for up to seven adults and their luggage.
Accommodating passengers in a comfortable and flexible manner is the key to a successful MPV, and in new Galaxy, this is easily achievable thanks to its three–row seating configuration combined with the new Ford FoldFlatSystem.
Galaxy's interior is accessed effortlessly thanks to large, wide–opening doors, while elevated seating positions offered by generously shaped captain's chairs with armrests convey a "command bridge" feel for occupants.
Overall, when compared to the original Galaxy, the new model gets a significant increase in luggage volume of around one–third, even with all seven seats in place. The capacity is an impressive 435 litres (vs. 335 litres) to the seatback and with the third row of seats in their forward–most position.
Ford FoldFlatSystem (FFS) for modularity and flexibility – The new Ford Galaxy is a full seven–seater and is equipped with the innovative new Ford FoldFlatSystem (FFS) for the five rear seats.
FFS enables the 2nd and 3rd row seating areas to be easily transformed into a completely flat load space without having to remove and store the seats. This allows customers to drive fully loaded to their destination whilst still having a full complement of 7 seats available upon arrival – the best of both worlds. In total, FFS allows up to 32 different seating combinations.

Independent 2nd and 3rd row seats are all adjustable and provide spacious first class travel for up to 7 adults, distinguishing the all new Ford Galaxy from its competitors. An easy entry, 'tip and slide' system provides easy access between the 2nd and 3rd rows, and changing the second–row configuration can easily be done with a one–step operation. The third row seats require a simple two–step movement.
The even but slightly inclined floor makes it possible to place the second seat row higher than the first and the third one higher than the second. This creates a theatre seating effect, which ensures that rear passengers have a clear view through the front screen.
Another positive effect of this arrangement for rear passengers is that by being able to see the forward horizon in focus, travel sickness may be avoided in many cases.

Trim – New Galaxy is available with a range of high quality and tactile interior trims that are designed to be durable as well as attractive. Premium materials such as leather and wood ornamentations are designed to be pleasing to look at and to touch.

Panorama Roof and Overhead Console – The optional panorama roof is a single piece of glass externally, but inside the vehicle is effectively separated into four sections – two over the front seats, and two over the rear seats, with the overhead centre console running along the centreline of the roof panel from front to rear.
The new full–length overhead console includes a child watch mirror and up to five stowage boxes, allowing kids to stow toys. The integrated child watch mirror allows the driver to keep an eye on his rear passengers without the need to turn around. Its convex shape allows both the driver and front seat passenger to view all rear passengers, even the one behind the driver – clearly a major safety benefit.
Short and medium length overhead consoles can also be specified, depending on model series.

Room for Luggage plus 31 Stowage Solutions – Families will enjoy the vast amount of stowage offered by new Galaxy. The Galaxy's luggage capacity expands from a minimum of 308 litres (with the third seat row in its rearmost position) up to 2325 litres (filled to the roof) with all rear seats folded flat. Even with all of the rear seats in use, new Galaxy still offers up to 435 litres of luggage space (to the seatback) when the third seat row is in its forwardmost position. With all rear seats folded down its flat load floor stretches 2m in length by 1.15m in width.
Galaxy offers up to 31 different stowage compartments, with a total capacity of up to 110 litres. These provide clever and safe room for everyday items like maps, keys, sunglasses, CDs, cassettes, bottles and cans.
Front door bins extend across the entire length of the doors. They can accommodate necessities like maps, ice scrapers and paper tissues, even big, 1.5–litre drink bottles.
Useful especially in summer is the glove box, which offers an optional cooling feature on left–hand–drive models. Cool air from the air–conditioning system keeps a water bottle cool, snug and rattle–free in the glove box, ready for a refreshing rest stop.
Large drawers underneath the front seats complement new Galaxy's stowage offerings.

Behind the Wheel
New Galaxy is great to drive, and delivers passenger car dynamics to family travel, as well as providing all the advantages of a traditional MPV.
The front seats are all–new, and feature a 62mm length increase in seat adjustment range and 19mm increase in height adjustment.
Optional front seats with 8–way power adjustment can also be specified. These feature optimised seat cushions, more responsive seat backs as well as improved foam hardness. These seats are also available on the top–of the range Ghia version with variable climate control, as first seen in the Ford Mondeo. This is the first time this feature has been made available in the MPV segment.
The Galaxy's centre console is short and designed to free up room between the front seats for a walk–through to the second row. This also enhances the interior's overall spaciousness. The centre console also includes a stowage compartment and two cup holders.
The new Instrument Panel–mounted gearlever has been raised by 105mm to enhance the driver's ergonomic layout.
As with S–MAX, the steering wheel angle has been adjusted to 28 degrees to contribute to the vehicle's car–like feel.

All controls and switches have been placed conveniently for intuitive operation. Improved pedal spacing provides safe and comfortable operation and a footrest for the driver's left foot supplements the comfort amenities. The specially shaped parking brake lever adds to the innovative character of the vehicle's interior. It is formed like a lever used in a ship's command bridge.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) – An upgraded instrument cluster plus a new steering wheel including toggle switches for the Ford Human Machine Interface (HMI) take vehicle ergonomics to a new level.
HMI is standard on all Ford S–MAX and Galaxy models. It is simple and intuitive to operate. It follows strict, straightforward and logical rules and combines critical areas of ergonomic development to optimize the interaction of the driver with the comfort and entertainment systems.
It also provides the newly developed chime system. This categorizes each warning sound according to their purpose giving the driver greater control over the audio warnings that he receives.
Beyond standard features such as the common trip computer for fuel consumption and speed information, HMI allows the driver to select individual settings. The system enables a controlled dialogue between the driver and various support systems – radio, navigation system, Adaptive Cruise Control, and mobile phone. The essential functions are shown in the instrument cluster for quick readability and easy operation. Some functions like clock setting and language selection for the display and cluster can also be operated from the steering wheel.
Climate Control – Cabin climate is another key factor for passenger comfort. It is also a safety factor, as an optimal interior temperature and fresh air add to the driver's ability to concentrate on the road ahead. To ensure both maximum comfort and safety, new Galaxy now features an advanced ventilation and air conditioning system.
A more powerful ventilation system has been adopted, which features more and larger ventilation openings. The new ventilation blower system has the capability to provide airflow of 135 litres per minute, an increase of 20 per cent compared with the first–generation Galaxy. Additional B and C pillar ventilation openings not only improve interior comfort, but also increase demisting performance. This ensures quick and clear 360–degree visibility for a safer drive.
Air conditioning is standard equipment on all new Galaxy models, and for maximum interior climate control, dual Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) is available. The EATC system features separate temperature controls for the driver, the front passenger and the second row passengers.

Audio and Communications – New Galaxy can be specified with a wide variety of high–quality audio and communications systems, and steering–wheel mounted toggle switches for the HMI system provide full driver control.
Depending on market and on series, stereo radio/cassette or stereo radio/CD players can be selected, including a 6–CD autochanger. Eight high quality speakers are fitted.
An optional multi–media DVD system can also be specified. This includes a DVD player located under the front passenger's seat, two LCD screens integrated into the rear of the front seat headrests, an infra red remote control and two pairs of infra red headphones.
Either a Bosch Blaupunkt TravelPilot EX radio navigation system or a Denso–DVD navigation system can be chosen as optional equipment. The radio navigation system uses a 4–inch monochrome display, while the DVD Navigation system features a full colour 7–inch touchscreen display. Both systems are MP3 compatible.
A Bluetooth ® hands–free telephone and voice control system is also available, and comes complete with a dealer–fitted telephone cradle, which provides battery charging, plus a neat tri–band antenna fitted to the roof of the vehicle.
A new generation of Sony in–car Hi–Fi components will be available from autumn 2006. All of the new audio equipment will be able to communicate with Ford's new HMI–system and can be operated via voice control. the best Used Galaxy supplier!

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