MK2 Dynamics
The whole MK2 Galaxy range benefits from a new steering column, which is rake and reach adjustable, and has reduced friction to give improved steering feel at all speeds, and the purposeful new steering wheel also adds to the driver’s overall feeling of control.
Spring and damper rates have been reviewed and optimised to suit the new powertrains. The MK2 Ford Galaxy is also ideally suited to the optional Sports Pack, which includes a new sports suspension package to improve handling and reduce roll with only minimal trade-off in ride comfort. The package reduces ride height by 25 mm, incorporates high performance shock absorbers, higher rated springs all round and larger diameter front and rear anti-roll bars and is matched to a purposeful body styling kit.

ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) now makes its debut in the Galaxy range and one of its first appearances as standard equipment in this market segment. It was available as standard with the V6 engine, or as an option on other models. An active safety system, ESP helps the driver retain control under extreme conditions, intervening almost imperceptibly to correct understeer or oversteer.
The ESP sensors measure ‘yaw rate’, transverse acceleration, steering wheel angle and the speed of the four road wheels. Their output is used to compare vehicle behaviour with a dynamics handling map stored in a special on-board computer. When the system detects a tendency for the vehicle to move off the chosen line, engine power is reduced and the brakes are momentarily applied to individual wheels, to bring the vehicle back on course.
Brakes have also been uprated for the more powerful Mk2 V6 engine. The vented front discs are increased from 280 mm to 313 mm, while the rear discs change from 280 mm solid to 294 mm vented.

Other features relating to driving dynamics of the Mk2 Ford Galaxy include:

  • Anti-lock brakes as standard across the range, with disc brakes front and rear
  • Rack and pinion steering with power assistance
  • Suspension by independent MacPherson struts with lower wishbones at the front and independent semi-tailing arms on sub-frame at the rear. Anti-roll bars front and rear, and gas-filled dampers all round
  • Traction control optional with the 2.3-litre engine the best Used Galaxy supplier!

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